As a writer, I know how characters seem to take on a life of their own and run off in uncharted directions, how a story can twist and morph into something unexpected. Occasionally it works, often it doesn’t.

It’s difficult to remain objective and see your work as it really is. Sometimes an independent set of fresh eyes is the best way to truly know if you’ve nailed it.

Manuscript assessment or reading services for book

A manuscript assessment is a great way to see if your manuscript works. As well as a published writer, I am a trained editor and have written and edited professional documentation for organisations such as IBM, ANZ Bank and Coles – just to name a few!

I can look at your manuscript and provide analytical and constructive feedback in areas such as:
  • point of view
  • voice
  • characters
  • plot
  • mechanics
  • grammar
  • spelling
I will provide you with a report detailing my suggestions for further development of your manuscript, or, if you prefer, I can work with you as we workshop your piece.

Contact Karen now and get the conversation started.
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