Excerpt from Torn
Self-consciously I dropped to sit beside him and hugged my knees.

"See that bird over there?" He pointed to a long-legged grey bird with a swan-like neck. "It's a heron. They sit for hours...patiently waiting for a fish or frog or something."

Click to see and listen to a grey heron.

Excerpt from Inviolate

Gannets and gulls swooped low over the water searching for newly-spawned fish, and cormorants, their wings stretched wide to dry in the sun, perched on rocks.

"Shag on a rock," I observed as Hamish's lovely bay gelding walked patiently beside my squat cob.

"That's where the saying comes from," he replied. "Have you ever seen a puffin?"

Click to see and hear a puffin (these birds are truly amazing! Scroll down the page to watch the video)

Excerpt from Stormbird

A flock of small orange birds with black-and-orange-speckled heads was flitting among the shrubs. He raised his face towards the soft evening sky.

As a pilot, he'd learned to read the clouds. The clouds he saw now lay in flat, horizontal formations. Stratus, they were, and stained with gold stripes from the sun setting somewhere beyond the horizon. Too high to signal further rain, in months to come they would bring snow...

He sighed sadly and looked to where the birds had been. Bramblings - that's what Herr Clay called them. Cute busy little bramblings.

Click to see and hear a brambling.