1808 - When 14 year old Alexandra meets Patrick, her handsome and notorious step-brother, she is confused and resentful as he shakes the foundations of everything she has ever known. Driving a wedge between Alex and her brother Simon, he tears apart the fabric of her quiet world. Yet she is intrigued by the enigmatic Patrick and finds herself increasingly drawn to him.

These are the years between childhood and womanhood, during which Alex begins to realise that her growing affection for Patrick owes nothing to sibling fondness.

But these are turbulent times for England and Patrick and Simon, answering the call of adventure, join the fight against Napoleon with devastating consequences.

In a family ravaged by war and deceit Alex finds herself betrayed in the worst possible way.

This is the story of one woman's passionate struggle for love and hope against all the constraints of her time.
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1813 - Numb after the pain of an intolerable betrayal, 19 year old Alexandra Broughton turns to her only source of hope – an arranged marriage. Resolutely accepting this as her last chance to make a future for herself, she journeys to Scotland to face the unknown.

Trapped in a loveless, violent marriage, and with nothing left to lose, Alex embarks on a fight for survival. Battling the irresistible forces ranging against her, she remains bound to the one man she can never forgive – the one man above all others she can never forget.

Inviolate continues the story of Alex Broughton, the passionate and determined young woman readers first met in Torn. Released in April 2014, Inviolate takes up right where Torn left you wanting more.
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Sex, betrayal, loveless marriage all feature in Inviolate

All That & Everything

Ever wondered what life looks like from a cat’s perspective?
What about the funny side of daily train commuting?
Are things really what they seem in the mirror?

From Regency London to the Australian bush, All That and Everything is an enchanting collection of award winning short stories by Karen Turner.

Karen combines a selection of her late father’s sketches with these carefully chosen stories to offer something for everyone

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Karen Turner award winning short stories author
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