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Yorkshire 1808



When Alexandra first meets Patrick, her handsome and enigmatic stepbrother, he tears apart the fabric of her quiet world…

So begins the epic love story that had fans of Torn gripping their seats.

But there’s another side to the story, a darker side: Patrick’s side.

Welcome to a world of lust, decadence and violence.

Counterpoint is a retelling of Torn, told in Patrick’s own words, and by those closest to him.

As Torn ushers readers into the very proper parlours of Regency England, where young ladies live within the bounds of the social restraints of their time, Counterpoint thrusts readers onto a rollicking ride through a clandestine world of wealth, privilege and dark passions.

In glittering ballrooms, sordid London backstreets and bloodied battlefields, Patrick Washburn comes of age in a time of licentiousness, when profligate young men live life for the moment, with no restraint and no regrets.

WARNING: Counterpoint contains adult content.


Counterpoint could well be a truer reflection of the way people lived in Regency England than we’ve become used to, and make no mistake: Patrick is definitely no Mr Darcy. - Leanne, York, UK

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