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When 14 year old Alexandra meets Patrick, her handsome and notorious step-brother, she is confused and resentful as he shakes the foundations of everything she has ever known.

Driving a wedge between Alex and her brother Simon, he tears apart the fabric of her quiet world. Yet she is intrigued by the enigmatic Patrick and finds herself increasingly drawn to him.



Numb after the pain of an intolerable betrayal, 19 year old Alexandra Broughton turns to her only source of hope - an arranged marriage. Resolutely accepting this as her last chance to make a future for herself, she journeys to Scotland to face the unknown.

Although Alex makes every effort to settle into her new life, she struggles to suppress the memories of her lost lover's passionate yet faithless embrace, and remains haunted by a fleeting an impossible love affair


Young widow Jessica is raising her children on a small farm in rural Yorkshire. When she discovers Anton, a wounded Luftwaffe pilot hiding in her barn, she decides to nurse him back to health.

From cautious beginnings, Jessica and Anton dismantle the barriers of ignorance, and fear and an unlikely friendship becomes a story of forbidden and impossible love.

All That & Everything

Ever wondered what life looks like from a cat's perspective?

What about the funny side of daily train commuting?

Are things really what they seem in the mirror?