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My first foray into the world of publishing was an eclectic compilation of short stories; All That & Everything, many of which won literary awards - yep, I was surprised too!

Though Australian-born, I have strong family ties to Italy and England, particularly Yorkshire, where I once lived and regularly visit – the inspiration for my novels, Torn, Inviolate and Stormbird.

My first novel, Torn was quite a success attracting attention throughout Australia, the UK, USA and Canada. Torn was quickly followed by its sequel, Inviolate which picks-up right where Torn finishes.

My most recent book, Stormbird was shortlisted for a major Australian romance award. It completes the Torn trilogy, although you can read it on its own. 

In my other life, I write financial articles for various industry publications and run writing talks and facilitate creative writing workshops.

My work as a writer means my office can be anywhere in the world so I often move myself to Italy and spend several months at a time in Rome, writing, volunteering at an animal refuge and absorbing all the splendour that is the Eternal City.

I'm fortunate to call Victoria's spectacular Riverina region my home, where I live with husband Stuart, and two rescue cats, Katie and Panda.

I run, read and drink way too much coffee. Did I mention chocolate? Well, I eat too much of that - it's why I run!  

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