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Let's write a memoir: your 6 step guide to getting started

Please note, due to the interactive nature of the courses, you are unable to register on a phone or other mobile device.

Let’s write a memoir: the 6 step Guide to getting started

With author Karen Turner


Prerequisite: A desire to write a book


Consisting of 6 learning modules, this workshop introduces you to basic writing techniques and concepts, in a fun, interactive online environment.

With six months' access to this program, you can learn in your own home, at your own pace, 24 hours a day. All you need to get started is an internet connection and the desire to learn. 


Delivered in Karen's relaxed and informative style, you'll benefit from knowledge gathered over the course of her 25 year writing career, along with tips and hints picked up on the way.


Additionally, you'll have optional check-your-knowledge quizzes and carefully curated writing exercises so you can practise your new skills and knowledge. 

This program is designed to motivate and inspire you to not only get the creative juices flowing, but to confidently lay down the foundations of your own memoir.

Modules will cover the following:

1: What is a memoir?

Let’s define the how and why.

Topics discussed include:

  • Difference between memoir and autobiography

  • Purpose

    • What’s your message?

    • Who’s your audience?

  • Theme

2: Writing style

Let’s talk about the what.

Topics discussed include:

  • Research

  • What to include

  • What not to include

  • Structure

  • Tone

  • How was your life impacted then/now


3: Players

Let’s meet our cast.

Topics discussed include:

  • Who else is in it?

    • Living people

    • Deceased people

  • Privacy and permissions

  • Contributions from others

    • Interviews

    • Written submissions

  • What to tell/what to hold back

4: Photos and other imagery

Let’s show the reader.

Topics discussed include:

  • Use of images to show people/settings

  • Copyright

  • Quality of images

  • Permissions

  • Images from contributors

5: Keeping it interesting

Let’s keep readers engaged.

Topics discussed include:

  • Remember the audience

  • Be real; let your personality shine

  • Use of fiction techniques:

    • Show don’t tell

    • Description

    • Dialogue


6: What next?

Let’s think about drafting, editing, publishing.

Topics include:

  • The business of writing

  • Feedback from contributors/other players

  • Redrafting

  • Editing

  • Publishing options

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