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Yorkshire 1941

Bravery is another word for endurance; love is another word for sacrifice.


A German fighter plane is shot down over rural Yorkshire; the pilot has vanished.

In an old farmhouse on the outskirts of Leeds, war-widow Jessica is raising her children and running a small dairy. When she encounters the Luftwaffe pilot hiding in her barn, she realises the young captain is dangerously ill. Despite the consequences, Jessica commits to nursing him back to health.


At first, prejudice and ignorance separate Jessica and Anton, but slowly these barriers are dismantled. From an unlikely friendship emerges a story of forbidden love that defies war and bigotry.


A British government investigator is sent to hunt and capture the fugitive German. Harbouring the enemy is among the greatest of crimes, and when suspicion falls on Jessica, a series of terrifying events are triggered, threatening her freedom and the security of her children.

In this world at war, there are no winners. It is a time of fear and uncertainty, where danger lurks behind every door and sometimes the greatest threats come from those you trust.


This is an amazingly poignant story of love, sacrifice and bravery. There is magic in your storytelling, Karen. Thank you for inviting me into your world.

Margaret - reader, Victoria

Stormbird is a book I could devour over and over. Karen presents characters and plot that see you leave the world of fiction and enter a world of striking reality.

Jennifer - reviewer, Queensland


The Broughton Hall Series
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